Pharmacists Written Exam

Pursuant to article No. (2) of the federal law No. (4) of 1983 regarding the profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical establishments, he who applies to the pharmacist profession exam should fulfill the following conditions:

  • Having the basic pharmacy certificate from a recognized higher institute or university.
  • He has practiced this profession for a period not less than two years after holding the basic certificate, UAE nationals are exempted from this condition.
  • He should not be convicted for a crime related to honor or honesty unless he is cleared or pardoned by the competent authorities.
  • Fluent in Arabic and English languages (reading and writing).
  • Passing the scientific pharmacy test and pharmacy Law exam held by the ministry.

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Mock exam for Pharmacists / Assistant Pharmacists

Pharmawebs offer you an oppurtunity to prepare for the exam conducted by the Ministry of Health. We have tried to make the pattern and syllabus of this test to match as closely as possible to the MOH exam. However, this exam does not carry an endorsement of any kind by the MOH; it's simply a service to our visitors. Visitors are free to try as many times as they wish - we have over 3000 questions collected from the previous question papers over past many years.

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